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Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. I was just wondering yesterday if you guys were ok! Get well (and sleep) soon.


gosh, hope you guys feel better soon!


You've probably heard this one before, but here's some advice my sister gave me to keep up the energy - when the baby naps, you nap. It sounds obvious, but it really is easy to forget to look after yourself sometimes.


I agree with the nap with the baby advice!!
And I recognise your feelings.
Have three kids and it sure wasn't all rainbows and sunshine ;-)
It's just extremely exhausting, dealing with babies, cute as they might be.
It will get better (and better and better) so don't be too hard on yourself for feeling this way.
Also don't forget to treat yourself, even if it were just a relaxing shower with some lovely smelling products.


Thanks for the good wishes!

And David and Minke, that's excellent advice for parents of normal babies, and I wish I could take it. But Shuma doesn't nap, unless he's in a stroller or carrier and out for a walk. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be near a cafe (or park bench when it was summer) and I get to sit down and do some reading and have a nice coffee. Or even not-nice coffee, I'm not picky. I cherish those times.


or just take a nap - sounds like you two are having loads of awake together time. (he's still cute)


Hang in there,Amy. It is a very tough job being a parent and there are those days....!
I hope you can have some rest as that will make things look much better.
A lot of us out there have been in your shoes and send you best wishes-
Take care.


That really is a bummer then, that your bundle of joy doesn't take any naps. You wrote about it before. And it must be frustating to hear how napping together is so great. :(
Maybe this book will cheer you up: Fiona Neill - The secret life of a slummy mummy.
I'm reading it for the second time now.


Relax, Amy-san. Sometimes, every mon needs time for being herself. In my case, I changed my dress , put on makeup and went shopping or just took a walk. I hope you will feel better soon.


Dear Amy, I have been following your post for the past one year and really enjoy reading about your adventures with Shuma. I have a one-year old too and was sick all November due to lack of sleep (from nursing in the night). I really felt for you when I read that you are sick. Hang in there!


dear Amy, this will pass. You will enjoy life and your lovely son again.


Thanks everyone! Shuma now has a tummy bug, which is nasty but at least doesn't make him grumpy like a regular cold.

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